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Welcome to Supersonic, where musical magic comes to life with a touch of style and high-end technology!

At Supersonic we take sound quality very seriously, and our equipment is living proof of that. We have a good collection of microphones, from the Neumann U87ai to AKG414, Shure SM7b, as well as a long list of ribbon, tube, dynamic microphones...

Our priors are the secret seasoning of a successful recipe. From the Joemeek to the Focusrite ISA One and the TL Audio, each adds its own magic touch for that “wow” sound.

In addition to preamps, I like to use my Midas Venice table. The Midas preamps and equalizers have something that amazes me.

We work with Protools, Logic Pro and Reaper, depending on the DAW that best suits the project.

I also have a good collection of guitars, basses and amps at your disposal, if you need backline or simply don't feel like carrying your material.

At Supersonic, we don't just record, we create experiences. So, are you ready to bring your music to life with us? Let's make music together!

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