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Weaving the Asturian musical tradition

In SUPER SONIC We have had the privilege of being witnesses and accomplices of the musical diversity that defines the vibrant Asturian scene. 

Throughout our history, we have recorded hundreds of groups, each one carrying its own style, its unique history and contributing to weaving the sound tapestry of our region.

From the most extreme metal to chigre songs, passing through all the nuances of pop, rock and roll and folk, we have captured the essence of countless bands that have left their mark on the history of Asturian music. 

Every chord, every lyric, is a testament to the richness and creativity that flows through our studios.

These groups are more than customers; They are part of our musical family. Together, we have created unforgettable moments and immortalized songs that resonate with the identity and spirit of Asturias. 

At Supersonic we are proud to be a piece of the history of Asturian music, and we are excited to continue being the place where notes and voices intertwine to be part of this wonderful musical tradition.